5 Tips on Coping with Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease can be debilitating, some of its more serious forms include thyroid cancer and the auto-immune forms of the disease – Grave’s and Hashimoto’s. When I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2010 I was at a point where I could barely get out of bed. I suffered for years not knowing what was wrong with me. My family didn’t believe me I was sick because all the doctors were saying it was all in my head or it’s just allergies or anxiety. It’s a very trying time when you know something’s wrong but no one seems to know what.

Thyroid disease is a serious matter and like any chronic disease it can lead to depression.

Here are a few tips on coping with thyroid disease:

1. Don’t push yourself too hard – if you don’t have enough energy, take time to rest. Drinking coffee is a no-no for those suffering from thyroid disease – coffee doesn’t actually give you energy, it just gives you the illusion of energy, depleting your body of essential B vitamins. Instead, have a fresh fruit and lay down for awhile.

2. Prior to my diagnosis, I was exhausted all the time. It didn’t matter if I was in bed for the entire day, I still felt run down so I completely understand how you feel. I noticed however that even if I was really tired going out in the backyard and spending some time in the sun and fresh air made me feel a little better. So take some time each day to just sit outside, soak up some rays and think about nothing.

3. A diagnosis like thyroid disease brings a lot of anxiety so learning relaxation techniques and meditation is often helpful. Try taking a few deep breaths. Some people set up reminders for themselves to help them remember deep breathing like for example every time you wash your hands or every time you open the refrigerator. Just think of an activity you do often and use it as a cue to take a few deep breaths each time.

4. Leading a stressful lifestyle is detrimental to your health – it’s proven that stress and disease go hand-in-hand. Try to surround yourself with positive people and try to have a positive outlook on life. I know that’s difficult when you’re suffering from an illness but negativity leads to nowhere.

5. Laughter really is the best medicine – the old saying still holds true to this day. There are many success stories of people who have cured serious illness with just laughter. In the book “The Secret” there was a story about a woman who had breast cancer and who cured herself with no chemotherapy, just with laughter, in only 3 months. So pop in that funny DVD and laugh, laugh, laugh!

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